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WA SALPACIN0 finishes Top 8 in 2014 Season of “Churning the Butter” Featured
14 January 2015 Written by 

WA SALPACIN0 finishes Top 8 in 2014 Season of “Churning the Butter”

Throughout our time in eSports, WA has been deemed by many as the “Online Warriors,” playing at a high level from the comfort of our own homes, but rarely stepping out into the strenuous world of LAN competition.

However, WA SALPACIN0 has been doing his part to dispel that notion, as he recently received recognition for competing in 15 out of the 17 Churning the Butter events hosted by ShowdownGG in San Francisco, CA throughout 2014. Not only was he the most active competitor throughout the season, but he also placed 7th in the overall standings for the year! SALPACIN0’s newfound passion for playing weekly at the Folsom Street Foundry in front of hundreds of people is attributed to the indescribable feeling of competitive LAN play. “Playing offline, Being a competitive gamer… I feel that competing offline is greatly important. It's a whole different world. It’s what matters.” Competing at Churning the Butter has not only given our Adon-specialist an opportunity to connect with his peers in the Norcal Fighting Game Community, but it has also helped escalate his game to new heights. “Competing offline forced me to up my game quicker than online has ever offered. You can build your fundamentals online and get a sneak peek on competition, but when its show time, it’s really sink or swim – with tons of sharks and jaguars”

We’re really supportive of Sal’s efforts to improving his game and would like to congratulate him on this accomplishment! Tune into Churning the Butter on Thursday Nights to check in on his progress in 2015!


Churning The Butter 2014 Recap

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