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WA Fighters start 2015 with Two 1st Place Finishes at 10th Annual Otronicon Featured
18 January 2015 Written by 

WA Fighters start 2015 with Two 1st Place Finishes at 10th Annual Otronicon

Eager to kick off 2015 with a bang, our WA Fighters took their games to the 10th Annual Otronicon in Orlando, FL. Facing a smaller field of over 20 competitors for both “Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3” and “Injustice: Gods Among Us,” meant less room for error for our two WA Fighters – Psycho and MarshallLawKOF, who came into the day determined to meet each other in Grand Finals in both games.

The day began for our WA Fighters in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, as both Psycho and MarshallLawKOF took home 1st and 2nd Place respectively. Despite advancing through the early rounds with relative ease, the competition began to get a bit more challenging for both of our Fighters, as they advanced to Round 3. In Round 3, the competition would see its 1st high-level match, and the 1st of three tournament sets played on the day between WA MarshallLawKOF and WA Psycho.  WA Psycho hanging with his brother (WA LilPsycho) at Otronicon 10 Despite dropping the set to his teammate MarshallLawKOF, Psycho would ultimately have the last laugh when they met in Grand Finals. Needing to win two separate sets against his teammate as a result of his 3rd round loss, Psycho would ride his Wolverine/Doom/Virgil team all the way through and claiming the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 crown at Otronicon 2015!

But the two WA Fighters weren’t done yet! To cap off the night, both MarshallLawKOF and Psycho competed in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Just as in Marvel, both Psycho and MarshallLawKOF advanced through the early rounds in convincing fashion and looked to be headed to another WA Grand Finals, however, they faced resistance in the form of AJ Santos. The semifinals would come down to Psycho (Green Lantern) facing off against AJ Santos (Ares/Doomsday) in one of the more exciting matchups of the night. With the best of 5 set going down to 2-2 and both players sitting at nearly 5% health, AJ Santos ended the game with a Supernova - a move he would get plenty of mileage out of during the whole tournament.  WA MarshallLawKOF takes 1st Place over AJ Santos in Injustice at Otronicon 10 Despite the loss, Psycho completed his day with 1st (UMVC3) and 3rd (Injustice) place finishes. In Grand Finals, MarshallLawKOF (Zod/Aquaman) would have an easier time disposing of AJ Santos(Ares/Doomsday), as he was able to study his opponent’s tendencies against Psycho in the matches prior. After winning the 1st two matches (Zod vs Ares) rather convincingly, MarshallLawKOF would receive a little resistance from AJ Santos’ Doomsday in the 3rd match (Zod vs Doomsday). After a character switch to Aquaman going into the 4th match, MarshallLawKOF was able to leverage Aquaman’s Water shield against Doomsday’s Supernova, which was AJ Santos’ go-to move during the whole tournament in order to take the win and finish in 1st place in Injustice!

Overall, the Tournament was an outstanding success for WA as the team took home two 1st place finishes, a 2nd place finish and a 3rd place finish! We would like to thank Powder Keg Games for throwing a great tournament on behalf of Otronicon, and look forward to competing again next year!

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