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Our WA Fighters close out 2014 with several 1st-8th Place finishes at CEO FreePlay Florida Featured
23 November 2014 Written by 

Our WA Fighters close out 2014 with several 1st-8th Place finishes at CEO FreePlay Florida

If our WA Fighters went into CEO at FreePlay Florida with the mission of closing out 2014 on a winning note, and riding that momentum into 2015, you could say that mission was accomplished!

With CEO teaming up with FreePlay Florida, it was sure to be an awesome event filled with console games, competition and pinball! Five WA Fighters were in attendance for this event, and the Top 8 placements were in abundance for the team on this day.

WA Psycho photobombing his teammate WA MarshallLawKOF during UNIEL Pools - CEO FreePlay Florida 2014 The day kicked off at around Noon with Ultra Street Fighter 4, where WA was represented by Psycho and Private Joker.  Psycho (Balrog) would dominate throughout pool play, even upending Evil Geniuses KBrad (Cammy) 2-1 along the way.  Just as he was looking unstoppable – which would include a beautiful ending to his 5th place match against Omega Tom Hanks (Bison), where he would execute a counter-hit Kidney Blow canceled into Super – he would ultimately fall to Flash Metroid’s Viper two separate times on the day to finish an outstanding 4th in the tournament.  “His spacing was great and mine wasn't.  I whiffed dash punches and he capitalized,” Psycho reflected.  In comparison to other Viper players that Psycho typically had success against in the past, Psycho would later attribute Flash Metroid’s success on “his great spacing and actually having a brain.”

Private Joker (Rufus) would have similar success on the day.  Although he would end up following Psycho into Top 8 on the Loser’s bracket side, his road there would prove to be a little more challenging.  He had the daunting task of playing Hero of Time (Yang) in his 1st match of the day, but would end up meeting the challenge head-on by taking the set 2-0.  In the later rounds, not only would he come across the unfavorable Cammy vs Rufus matchup, but he would have to play it against arguably the best Cammy in the Nation – EG KBrad.  WA Private Joker vs EG KBrad - CEO FreePlay Florida 2014 - Pool Play After falling 2-0 to KBrad, he would rally to win his last match in pool play to advance to Top 8, where he would face off against STVG Crespo (Dee Jay).  Mostly known as a Balrog player, Crespo had been playing Dee Jay for this tournament, which would present problems for Private Joker.  “I remember thinking if he played [Dee Jay], I really liked me over him, because I've played the match so much,” Private Joker proclaimed.  But his confident tune would change shortly thereafter.  “I got bodied [the] first game, then adapted to what he was doing and was able to mix-up better.  Then in the third game I lost my poise/patience and ran into everything he was doing.” Despite his loss to Crespo, Private Joker would turn in a very respectable 7th place finish on the day.

After Street Fighter, it was time for UNIEL, where MarshallLawKOF and Argenrost would put their Anime Fighting Game talents on display.  Argenrost, who went into the festivities taking home 2nd in DiveKick, would ride that momentum into his UNIEL pool play.

We capped off the evening with yet ANOTHER WA Grand Finals, once again featuring WA Argenrost and WA MarshallLawKOF – this time in Killer Instinct.  In order to get there, both of our fighters would have to go through the formidable, Hero of Time.  First up was MarshallLawKOF playing in Winner’s Finals.  Assured a Top 3 spot regardless of the outcome, MarshallLawKOF would deploy his newly-released TJ Combo against Hero of Time’s fundamentally sound Jago.  WA MarshallLawKOF vs WA Argenrost - CEO FreePlay Florida 2014 - KI Grand Finals Despite the 3-0 final score, Hero of Time was able to keep every match competitive, heavily relying on his stellar footsies and whiff punishing.  However, MarshallLawKOF was able to properly play to the strengths of his character throughout the set by mixing in the perfect combinations of high/low shoe toss’s and tremors, and as a result, advanced to Grand Finals.  But first, he had to await the winner of the 2nd place match – Argenrost (Saberwulf) vs Hero of Time (Jago).  Throughout the set, Argenrost was able to capitalize on some key dropped inputs from Hero of Time to get out to an early 2-0 lead.  Seemingly flustered, Hero of Time wasn’t able to recover, and eventually fell to the flurry of mixups that Argenrost’s Saberwulf displayed.

With the 2nd place match in the books, the stage was set for another WA Grand Finals between MarshallLawKOF (TJ Combo) and Argenrost (Saberwulf)! With the two players frequently serving as sparring partners, there was plenty of breakers and reads made during the set.  However, with TJ Combo only being released as a new character for only a few weeks, MarshallLawKOF took full advantage of his stronger matchup familiarity and was able to take the tournament over his teammate Argenrost 3-0.

On the whole, the day couldn’t have gone much better for our team.  We brought home two 1st Place, two 2nd Place, a 3rd, 4th, and a 7th place finish to cap off the day.  As always, thank you to CEO Gaming and Free Play Florida for putting on an excellent event, and we’ll be looking forward to attending the next event!

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