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Thursday, 14 May 2015 05:56

WA Summoners go 8-0 to clinch L.A.S.T. League of Legends Division B; Qualify to play at LEC² in June 2015 Featured

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Throughout much of the 1st quarter of 2015, our WA Summoners have been participating in eSportsHQ’s League of Legends Amateur Summoners Tournament.  The tournament consists of a 10 week season, which will conclude with the Top 4 teams competing to be crowned the “L.A.S.T.” champion.  WA oTigga is Unstoppable on Lee Sin during Week 5 vs Oblivian With 7 teams in the tournament approaching Challenger ELO in the NA Season 5 Summer split ladder, the team knew they would have their work cut out for them going into the competition.

With 2 weeks left in the season, it’s safe to say that they have risen to the challenge.

After winning their last two matches against Team Katsuoo and TFEU in convincing fashion, our WA Summoners improved their record to 8-0, while also clinching 1st place in Division B of the competition.  As a result of winning their division, our Summoners have earned the opportunity to compete in front of a projected crowd of 2,000 people at LEC², a League of Legends-themed Convention to take place in Fredricksburg, VA on June 12th-13th.

The event is sure to garner a great deal of attention, especially with the support from large-scale companies such as Corsair, Razer and Hitbox.tv.

Gaining notoriety by running some of the most unconventional team compositions throughout the competition, our WA Summoners have delivered nonstop entertainment - while maintaining a very high level of play - for spectators and fans of the competition.

While having fun is heavily encouraged throughout WA as an organization, our Summoners recognize that the competition is about to get a lot more serious as LEC² weekend nears and teams begin to scout and devise strategies for the Finals.  “We chose to play the comps we did because we were 99% sure we were going to win the games and wanted to have fun, while also not giving away our real picks and strategies,” WA Jacksparrow111 would go on to say after Jungling the team to a win with the seldom-used Poppy, who currently ranks 117th of 124 in World-wide usage for the week.

With the team assured a spot in Top 4, Head Coach for our Summoners, Luke “Rammasaur” Oberholtzer is ensuring that the team isn’t only content with a Top 4 finish and continues to stress the significance of performing well in the competition.  “The L.A.S.T. Season is a great opportunity to have matches with increased importance. These weekly games help prepare our team to play under pressure, something we'll have to be used to in order to compete at the top of our ability at [LEC²].”  Our WA Summoners hope to continue to see this screen as L.A.S.T. comes to a close When asked whether or not the fans would get to see anymore unconventional team compositions at LEC² in June, Rammasaur revealed, “We'll pick the champions we think will win,” before saying with a smile, “whether or not they're conventional to other teams isn't our priority.”

With the Semi-finals just weeks away, our WA Summoners are as poised as ever to be crowned the champions of L.A.S.T., while proving that they can compete on the biggest of stages.  In the meantime, Coach Rammasaur will have them on a calculated training regimen in order to put the team in the best position to succeed.  “We'll be scrimming, working on individual play, and playing ranked 5s to make sure we are on the top of our game.”

As for our chances for taking home the Gold? Rammasuar acknowledges that one particular team may offer some resistance.  “Dreamek will be the biggest competition at the LAN.  All of their players are great in their respective roles, and it will be a great opportunity to play them on the big stage.” However, Rammasaur firmly believes his team will be up to the challenge, and plans to work with Gelatista (Team Analyst) and Moraitis (Team Captain) to formulate strategies over the next few weeks in the event that the two teams meet at LEC².  “In order to beat them, we'll have to do our homework and play to the best of our ability.” 

Regardless of what happens, one thing is certain.  Our team will play to their coaches outlined Win-conditions in hopes of claiming the inaugural L.A.S.T. Championship.

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