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Wednesday, 08 July 2015 09:03

West Coast Chill has arrived! Now partnered with Warriors Anonymous Featured

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On the heels of a successful 2015 campaign, filled with accomplishments ranging from a pair of 1st Place Finishes at Otronicon, 2nd Place finish at LEC², and a Top 50 placement at EVO - the Worlds largest and longest-running fighting game tournament, we are proud to announce our partnership with emerging energy drink vendor West Coast Chill!

As the landscape in the energy drink sector continues to evolve, there is greater awareness by the consumer regarding the high amounts of caffeine and sugar contained by the current market-leading/traditional energy drinks.  West Coast Chill prides itself in its products ability to provide #PureEnergy as a #HealthierAlternative to Traditional Energy Drinks, which contains NO SUGAR, NO CAFFEINE, and NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS. In addition to all these health-related perks, West Coast Chill is now available In The World's First & Only Self Chilling Beverage Can!

Through its distribution across 26,000 retailers - including Albertson's, 7-Eleven and GNC - in addition to its strategic partnerships with legendary sports entities such as Johnny Bench, the Cleveland Cavaliers and a select amount of eSports brands, West Coast Chill is quickly ascending as a leader in the soaring energy drink market!

We are excited about the #PureEnergy performance boost we will receive from West Coast Chill, in addition to representing their amazing product!

For more details on West Coast Chill and more information on obtaining their products, visit www.westcoastchill.com

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