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WA Psycho WA Psycho

WA Fighter - #5 Balrog Xbox Live

Despite being one of our youngest WA Fighters at a mere 15 years of age, Psycho has grown into one of the higher-regarded Balrog players in the Fighting Game Community! Psycho's days in eSports started at 10 years of age when he began playing competitively as a Sponsored Guitar Hero player! Within the last several years, Psycho has steadily migrated the skills he gained as a Guitar Hero player - particularly strong reaction-time and heavy execution - and channeled them into Fighting Games.  It's his aggressive play-style, combined with a hot temper, and the possession of "crazy" amounts of skill, flash and execution, that appropriately characterizes his "Psycho" gaming persona.  If you don't believe us, then take it from YouTube user Zhang Hell, who describes Psycho as "... an amazing Balrog player. Incredible 1 frame links and a rushdown style that will have most top players running for cover." However, don't let the name (and the game) fool you! Psycho is about as respectful, courteous and mature as they come - as evidenced by the numerous "I thought you'd be older," comments he receives after meeting his peers at tournaments.  After several years of training with his fellow WA Fighters, and under the continued mentorship of MiyagiHan (aka MuRDA), Psycho has pushed his abilities to new heights and is ready for the challenge of becoming the next rising star in the FGC!

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