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Our "WA Fighters" have been in the competitive gaming scene since even before the term "eSports" was coined - making our WA Fighters the longest-running Fighting Game Team to-date.  WA was founded in 2007 by the trio of Quest, Prodigy (Vortex) and MuRDA (MiyagiHan); adopting the concept of XBox Live "clans" (which are prevalent in the First Person Shooter gaming genre) and bringing them over to Fighting Games using the clan tag "xWAx." 

Originally designed to compete as a collection of mere "online players," our team began to transcend that stigma starting in 2010 by competing in the UK's (at the time) premier Fighting Game event - Super vs Battle 2010 - where WA Qarnage (StephenS) finished 2nd in Super Street Fighter II HD Remix.  During the early days of the Fighting Game Community (FGC), it was unthinkable for online players to be able to compete with tournament-savvy LAN players, but our WA Fighters were the first to challenge this notion; serving as pioneers to many of today's high profile online-players-turned-tournament-players. 

Today, our WA Fighters continue to compete at a high level in various Fighting Games (Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Killer Instinct, Smash, Guilty Gear, UNIEL, etc.) at a number of high-profile LAN tournaments ranging from Next Level Battle Circuit, Churning the Butter, Community Effort Orlando as well as the World's Largest Fighting Game competition, Evolution.

As the FGC evolves and continues to integrate into the world of legitimate eSports, our WA Fighters will continue to be advocates for the future development of this initiative, as well as our own development in eSports.

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WA Fighters

Private Joker

Private Joker

WA Fighter - Top 10 Rufus (Street Fighter) World-wide & Multi-time Legend Rank (Hearthstone)

Marshall Law KOF

Marshall Law KOF

WA Fighter - Top 5 TJ Combo (Killer Instinct) World-wide



WA Fighter - #1 Redacted in DiveKick



WA Fighter - #5 Balrog Xbox Live


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